Putin cauta o pereche de cizme romanesti

Putin cauta o pereche de cizme romanesti. De ce? Ca sa joace tontoroiul pe mormantul Ucrainei. A facut "o contraofertă pentru România, care este greu de refuzat". Nu a spus nimic de pret. Sa vedem daca perechea de cizme va fi una vrajita. Cam asa a decurs discutia dintre Putin si un jurnalist roman postata pe site-ul guvernului rus:

L. Jurea (National Television of Romania): You know that we get Russian gas through some middleman firms. Bucharest wants to get gas direct from Russia. How realistic is that? That is my first question. And the second question. Is the option of hooking up Romania to the Southern Stream project under consideration?
Vladimir Putin: We are not against Romania taking part in the Southern Stream. Secondly, and this is what you started with, the middleman companies in the Romanian market. The Romanian President has raised this issue during our conversation. We are ready to switch to direct relations with state companies. By the way, we are ready to do the same with Ukraine, we are ready to sign a contract directly with Naftogaz of Ukraine. I will tell you something that may surprise you: I got the impression that we are being prevented from doing it because the terms that have been set - $250 per 1000 cubic meters - were rejected by Naftogaz of Ukraine. Immediately, mediators came along who said: "We will sign and settle everything". This gives me grounds for saying that the situation in Ukraine is too corrupt. But I have a counterproposal to Romania which is hard to refuse. Please convey to your President that we can sell the equivalent of Ukraine's annual consumption to your government company and you can then sell it on to Ukraine. Is it a deal?
L. Jurea: I will convey it to the President.
Vladimir Putin: Jot it down.

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  1. =)) toate ca toate, dar rusii tot rusi raman :)) tare asta

  2. =)) toate ca toate, dar rusii tot rusi raman :)) tare asta